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Sports-Related Injuries

Why they happen

Man and woman runningSports and exercising are great for your mind and your body in so many ways, but sometimes you can injure yourself. Accidents, poor training practices (like not warming up), improper gear are just some of the contributing factors. People starting in sports without a good base line of health and conditioning are injured easier. There are many causes.

What to do

The important fact to remember is the quicker you address and take care of an injury, the quicker it will resolve. The longer you let things go, the longer the healing process. Other parts of your body will be made to work harder to compromise for the injured area.

If you get hurt, using ice and safe stretching exercises can help. But when they don’t, get help.

How we can help

In the evaluation of an athletic injury, it is important that the doctor not only address the area of concern, but the surrounding regions that may have been affected as well. The mechanism of injury or specifically “what happened” is very helpful in providing a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.

Every injury is different. Every athlete/person is different. Treatment plans should be individualized to meet each person’s needs. At Adolph & Kalkstein Chiropractic, we pride ourselves on just that.

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