Here’s The Best Knee Adjustment for Knee Pain

Here's The Best Knee Adjustment for Knee Pain

Chiropractic Towson MD The Best Knee Adjustment for Knee Pain

Knee pain is extremely common with one in three people in America experiencing knee pain at any given time. Our knees are prone to injury and the pain that comes along with injuries can leave you feeling like you’ll have to resort to using a cane or walker. That’s how Suzanne felt when she came to see us.

Suzanne was experiencing excruciating knee pain that hurt constantly. During our first few sessions, we did some dry needling and adjusted the knee. This helped Suzanne at first but after a while, she wasn’t really improving. Many chiropractors would just continue the treatment for a set amount of weeks regardless of results, but that’s not how we do things.

We decided to change our approach to use ice & stim as well as ultrasound & stim in conjunction with one of the best knee adjustments for knee pain. That worked wonderfully for Suzanne and she’s back to 90% normal function.

In the article below, we demonstrate our famous knee adjustment which we describes as feeling pressure and then feeling weird. It’s a short, weird and somewhat uncomfortable sensation but it provides so much relief to knee pain. This treatment plan has given Suzanne her mobility back and has almost entirely reduced her pain in just a few sessions.

Many chiropractors simply continue the same treatment plan for weeks or months without adjusting based on results. That’s a huge pet peeve of ours and something that we hear frequently from patients that come from other chiropractors after not getting the results they were after.

When you visit a chiropractor because you’re in pain or have an injury, your care should be progressive. This means that it should change and adapt over time in response to what is working for you and what isn’t working for you. This is exactly why we offer a wide range of treatment techniques from rehab programs to dry needling to spinal decompression.

We attack the problem you’re facing with a combination of treatment techniques so you can feel better as fast as possible. Every time you come into our office, we review your progress and evaluate how we can change and improve your treatment plan. This is how we get patients out of pain quickly and help them feel better faster.

Best Knee Adjustment For Knee Pain

In order for your knee to bend properly, it needs to twist a little bit to unlock so that it can open and allow you to bend your knee. When you return your leg to a straight position, also known as terminal extension, your knee should lock back into place. There are some simple steps we can take to determine if your knee is not unlocking and locking well. All of these tests involve looking at terminal knee extension.

Sometimes terminal knee extension doesn’t exist in people who have had an ACL repair or other injuries that have resulted in tight ligaments. When we examine a patient’s knee for terminal knee extension we extend the knee and we feel it to see if it feels springy or if it feels totally stiff or somewhere in between.

From there, we can continue to test the knees to see which way it doesn’t want to open or close by testing the medial and lateral shift and rotation of the knee when it is fully extended. When we adjust the knee, we adjust the popliteus muscle so that it can release tension and improve the terminal extension allowing the knee to lock and unlock properly. This is the best knee adjustment for knee pain because it re-aligns the knee and releases the tension which relieves pain.

This is an easy knee adjustment for knee pain that doesn’t require surgery and provides quick relief. We can speed up the results by dry needling the quad muscle or by teaching the patient some lateral stabilization exercises to do at home but overall, this is a simple solution to a common problem that is often misdiagnosed.

As we adjust Suzanne’s knee we tell her that she will feel pressure, and then it’ll feel weird. That weird feeling is the popliteus muscle releasing tension. Suzanne can immediately feel less tension in her knee and that will lead to less mechanical irritation of the knee and less knee pain.

We have found that this adjustment is the best knee adjustment for knee pain and it’s one that not all chiropractors utilize. It may feel weird in the moment, and that’s normal, but once that tension is released, you’ll feel immediate relief. Our patients love this immediate relief and because their knee is now in alignment, they’ll experience less knee pain later as well.

Do you have knee pain? Do you want to see what our famous knee adjustment is like for yourself? Click here or call our office today at (410) 296-7700 to schedule your appointment so we can create the right treatment plan for you and help you feel better faster.




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