Chiropractic Testimonials

"Dear Dr. Jeff, Please accept this belated but sincere thanks for expertly treating an injured hamstring in my left leg. Having functioned for so long with aches and pains in this aging body of mine, I was grateful for the effective and efficient adjustment and therapy provided to me by you and your staff. I also want to thank you for how “inviting” your practice was to a newcomer, as I’m sure it is to all your patients. Thank you for the welcoming gift and literature, informative emails, and most importantly, for the understanding that I can return for treatment whenever needed. That reassurance is most exceptional! Indeed, you put great effort into everything pertaining to your practice and it shows."

- J. Krause

"Dr. Jeff is a miracle worker! I hobbled into his office after nearly three months of chronic pain and barely being able to stand for more than five minutes. After the first visit, I felt 50% less pain in my hip. After second visit, even less, and have continued to improve. Finding Dr. Jeff and the staff at Kalkstein Chiropracticand Kalkstein Chiropractic has been life-changing. I thought I would never practice Vinyasa yoga again. I’ve had to modify many asanas, and how I practice, but it’s made me a better teacher, a better student, and a better yogini. Headaches, neck pain, hip pain, he is my “go-to” doc and they fit me in right away. I am truly grateful!!"

- Melisa Deane

"I had been training for a half marathon for 12 weeks. 2 weeks before the race I fell and inured my ankle. I was told i would not be able to race, and it would be at least 4 weeks before I could run again. Resting my ankle was the only suggestion. I was devastated. I came to Dr. Kalkstein’s office hoping a miracle. I had low expectations, after all, I only knew chiropractors to work with backs and necks. Dr. Kalkstein knew exactly what to do. Dr. Kalkstein and the team were invested in getting me to race day. Thanks to Dr. Kalkstein, I not only ran my half marathon on race day but got a personal best. I was only able to race because of the treatment I received at Drs. Kalkstein Chiropracticand Kalkstein’s office."

- Natalie Deak

"After nine months of mild chronic lower back pain that occurred after a fall in the bilge of my boat, I figured I just would have to live with it. I saw an orthopedic surgeon who x-rayed my back and suggested an MRI and physical therapy. Being an osteopathic physician, trained in the techniques of spinal manipulation and treatment I called Dr. Kalkstein's office and was promptly given an appointment. The office members were professional and concerned. Dr. Kalkstein's exam and evaluation was spot on. My lower back was manipulated as well as my mid-dorsal area which had been giving me trouble. The next morning my mid-back felt back to normal and I was surprised that several days later when awakening my lower back was totally pain-free. Cured is a word as a cardiologist I don’t use very often but in this case it applies. I chose the right Dr. and right treatment and am grateful for the pain relief."

- James Ricely D.O. , F.A.C.C.

"Dear Dr. Jeff, In one of your newsletters you mentioned being surrounded by the “happiest patients.” Well I can vouch for that personality. After back surgery and 1 year of physical therapy I was only able to be somewhat active. After Nancy P. referred me to you, and with your physical therapy group and your treatments I now feel strong and able (of course that’s according to what my age will allow). Friends and neighbors we have referred to you were all unable to function at a normal life style. Now all of us can look forward to shopping, housekeeping or looking forward to being somewhat active with our grandchildren. For this we are forever grateful. At times we all get together and sing your praise. You will always be at the top of our list for referrals and a renewed way of life."

- Ray Linderc

"Normally I wouldn’t do a testimonial and have rarely paid attention to them. I was never sure they were authentic. But I volunteered to write a statement because the results of Dr. Kalkstein’s care and treatment have far exceeded what I originally expected after reading the reports of two MRIs. I am, for all practical purposes, pain free and moving easily through all daily activities including walking 1 ½ to 2 miles most days (for cardio health). Back Issues include stenosis, scoliosis, degenerative arthritis and two herniated disks which manifested in significant lower back pain and sciatica. The orthopedist who ordered the MRI said I should consider steroid injections and, in the future, would probably be a candidate for surgery. Shortly after that diagnosis my knee swelled to almost twice its normal size as a result of arthritis and patella femoral syndrome with a baker cyst. It was extremely painful to walk or even sit for extended periods. These were not simple or minor issues and they effected my ability to perform normal daily activities without significant pain and discomfort. Dr. Kalkstein has combined targeted chiropractic adjustments, ultra-sound, electrical stimulation therapy and traditional physical therapy, which includes an at-home exercise program, in a customized plan that is continually monitored and reevaluated as needed. He employees an holistic approach complimented with traditional medical therapies when indicated. I found that his physical therapy was more rigorous but also more effective than what I received from other therapist. His PT team is a delight to work with, spending time answering questions and offering encouragement. It is easy to make appointments that fit my schedule and most routine visits are of short duration making it easy to fit continued maintenance therapy and chiropractic adjustments into my schedule. I would recommend Dr. Kalkstein to any friend or family member for treatment of acute orthopedic issues as well as for continued maintenance adjustments that provide on-going pain relief, increased mobility, and contribute to general overall health. I consider him part of my primary care team and am grateful for his considerable expertise and resulting good care."

- Rev. Mary D. Gaut

"I was referred to Dr. Kalkstein prior to running my first marathon in hopes of finding relief in both my knees and ankles while also improving my overall body mechanics. After a thorough consultation and analysis, Dr. Kalkstein discussed with me his course of treatment and recommended what I could do on my own to increase these chiropractic benefits. After 6 weeks, my running had improved tremendously and I was virtually pain free. Not only did I begin to feel stronger overall, but the efficiency of my running and other workouts made all the difference!"

- Janine Serio, Personal Trainer & Marathoner

"I am walking much better after only one visit with Dr. Kalkstein! I did not realize how sore my hip was until Dr. Kalkstein worked on it, and I felt so much better. Now I can walk up my steps “normal” not one at a time. The entire staff is very friendly and helpful. I made a good choice to visit Dr. Kalkstein."

- Darlene K.


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