Can A Chiropractor Treat Groin Pain? (Yes, We Can)

Can A Chiropractor Treat Groin Pain? (Yes, We Can)

Chiropractor Towson MD Jeffrey Kalkstein With Groin Pain Patient

Groin pain is an incredibly disruptive type of pain that can prevent you from being able to stand, walk, or even sit comfortably. When groin pain isn't caused by a larger issue such as arthritis or a hernia, it's most often caused by problems in the muscles and soft tissues that are attached to the groin area. That's why chiropractors are particularly well suited to treat pesky groin pain.

In the article below, you'll meet Debbie, a registered nurse who was experiencing unrelenting groin pain, and after just 4 visits she's feeling great with no pain at all. Debbie visited some of the best sports medicine professionals in the Baltimore area before visiting a chiropractor. They did an MRI, x-rays, gave her a cortisone shot in her hip, and eventually told her that there was nothing they could do for her. They may not have been able to help her, but we were able to get her out of pain in just 2 weeks.

We have a complex array of joints, muscles, and bones that make up the pelvic and gluteal parts of the body and they allow us to do things like walk, squat, and twist. Because there is such a web of tissue in this area of the body, there are many opportunities for something to go wrong which results in groin pain like Debbie was experiencing.

Apart from hip pain which is caused by a specific injury (like a sports injury) or an arthritic hip joint, most pain in the hip, groin, or top of the leg is caused by a mechanical overload from a problem elsewhere. This could be something as simple as weakness in a particular muscle. The muscles in our hip and groin area do a lot of heavy lifting for us and weakness or tension in those muscles can lead to bigger issues.

Dr. Jeff asked Debbie where the pain was referring, or where the pain was felt. He asked this because it's very common for groin pain to be felt in one place but actually be coming from another nearby muscle. This is called referred pain and it's incredibly common. 

Even though you feel pain in your groin area, the problem could be in your hip, lower back, or leg. For instance, we regularly see patients with sciatica that are experiencing pain shooting down their leg but the cause of that pain is actually all the way up in their lower back. When we first see a patient, we work to determine where the pain is coming from so we can create a treatment plan that specifically addresses that area.

We focused on treating Debbie's gluteus medius and piriformis to reduce the pain as quickly as possible. Your piriformis muscle and your psoas muscle work hand in hand to keep your back, hips, and legs properly aligned. When you have tightness in your piriformis muscle or in your psoas muscle, there are several knock-on effects that result in many patients having groin pain or lower back pain that just won't go away.

Debbie's treatment plan included dry needling, active release techniques to target her problem areas, adjustments, hip exercises that she does at home, walks twice each day, and some light yoga. Active release techniques are when someone else is moving your limb for you as the chiropractor applies pressure to the area. By attacking the problem at the root in multiple ways, we were able to treat Debbie's groin pain and get her out of pain and feeling better in just 2 weeks.

Can A Chiropractor Treat Groin Pain?

Yes, a chiropractor can treat groin pain! If you're experiencing groin pain, your first instinct may be to visit your general practitioner but a chiropractor can absolutely treat groin pain and get you out of pain. A chiropractor can treat groin pain in a unique way by focusing on the muscles and how they interact with one another. Chiropractors treat groin pain through a variety of methodologies including active release therapy, adjustments, dry needling, physical therapy, and more. 

If you're experiencing groin pain, know that a chiropractor can treat it and we can get you out of pain quickly without invasive procedures or dangerous pain relievers. We regularly see patients who feel like they have tried everything and have exhausted all of their other options. Not only can a chiropractor treat your groin pain, but we can also do it in a way that gets quick and lasting results.

Are you ready to treat your groin pain and finally get some relief? Click here or call (410) 296-7700 to schedule your consultation and we'll explain how we can help you feel better faster, even if nothing else has worked before.




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