Dry Needling & Class IV Laser Therapy For Ankle Sprain

Dry Needling & Class IV Laser Therapy For Ankle Sprain

Chiropractic Towson MD Dry Needling & Class IV Laser Therapy

Dr. Warren was out for his morning run when he experienced the most common lower extremity injury athletes sustain, a sprained ankle. Ankle sprains are very common injuries that occur among people of all ages and activity levels. 15-30% of all sports injuries involve an ankle sprain and they can also be caused by normal daily activities.

The good news is that Dr. Warren was able to come into work and we were able to immediately treat his ankle sprain using dry needling and class IV laser therapy. This combination of these two therapies helps our patients recover as quickly as possible from ankle sprains and assists with pain relief as well.

What Is Dry Needling & How Does It Work?

Dry needling, also known as trigger point dry needling, is a drug-free treatment that has become increasingly popular because it addresses the root cause of pain without using prescription drugs. The practitioner uses a thin monofilament needle to penetrate the skin and treat underlying muscular trigger points or muscle tension, injuries, and pain. This process has been proven to relieve and improve neuromusculoskeletal pain and movement impairments in many patients.

When muscles are overused or tense, they can develop knotted areas called trigger points. A trigger point holds a lot of tension that can disrupt function, restrict mobility or range of motion, and cause intense pain and tenderness. Aside from the pain caused by the tension, trigger points also disrupt the blood supply to the muscle. This means the muscle is not receiving the nutrients and oxygen it needs to return to a normal state.

We can stimulate a trigger point by inserting small monofilament needles into it and allowing them to sit in the trigger point for 10-15 minutes. This stimulation results in a rush of blood returning to the area and relieving the tension. While the needles don’t hurt, the sensation of having them in your skin can be enough to release endorphins which provide pain relief.

Our patients often compare the effectiveness of dry needling to multiple deep tissue massages, but in a fraction of the time. During a dry needling session, a patient may feel a twitch in the muscle or pressure as it releases tension but they don’t feel pain from the needles. Some patients don’t even feel the needles enter their skin and just feel a mild ache, twitch, or a feeling of pressure during the treatment. Dr. Warren feels some of the needles more than others but none are causing him a lot of pain.

It’s amazing the results patients can get from a short trigger point dry needling session. We determine how long the needles need to be left in the muscle by the type of pain a patient is experiencing. For pain that isn’t deep in a muscle, needles may only be left for a few seconds. For more intense, deep muscle pain, we usually leave the needles for 10-15 minutes.

What Is Class IV Laser Therapy & How Does It Work?

Like dry needling, class IV laser therapy may sound like it could be painful but actually, it creates a soothing warm sensation. A class IV laser emits a wavelength of photons that painlessly transfers energy to the nerve, muscle, ligament, and tendon tissue of the area we’re treating. class IV laser therapy works by stimulating the production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) which drives many of the processes within our cells. This increased production of ATP helps speed up the healing process within cells.

ATP carries oxygen, blood, and nutrients to the area treated with the laser which speeds up recovery and pain relief. As a result of increased ATP production, the patient experiences reduced pain and swelling and an increased range of motion. The heat from the laser is soothing and relaxing as well.

class IV laser therapy benefits patients with a range of ailments and can be done in a very short amount of time. Most sessions range from 2-6 minutes so we’re able to treat multiple areas of the body in a single session. This improves patient results and helps them feel better faster. Many patients notice improvement after their first session. After a class IV laser therapy treatment, patients report a decrease in tenderness, inflammation, and pain.

Both dry needling and class IV laser therapy are drug-free, surgery-free techniques we regularly use with our patients to reduce pain and swelling as well as improve a patient’s range of motion. We can use these treatments together to treat both acute and chronic conditions without any side effects. By combining these 2 treatments together, we help patients feel better faster and recover from ankle sprains as well as a range of other injuries and ailments.

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