Discover The Importance Of Routine Chiropractic Adjustments

Discover The Importance Of
Routine Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic Towson MD Importance of Adjustments

If you’ve had a back, neck, or hip injury, you know that you can go from feeling great to feeling tense and in pain pretty quickly. Many people don’t realize that you can continue to feel good by getting routine chiropractic adjustments. These adjustments serve as quick tune-ups for our joints and they help keep joint pain under control. We do this for our teeth and for our cars but we don’t tend to do it for our joints even though routine chiropractic adjustments can keep us feeling good free from pain.

Oku began coming to us decades ago after he had a discectomy. Routine chiropractic adjustments help Oku by allowing him to keep moving and prevent pain from creeping in.

The Importance Of Routine Chiropractic Adjustments

Some people only visit a chiropractor when they’re in pain, but routine chiropractic adjustments can help you avoid that pain and keep your joints healthy. 

We often don’t notice problems until they cause pain but spinal issues that lead to back, neck, and hip pain begin long before any pain is ever felt. The spine becomes misaligned over time due to poor posture, stress, and injuries. Over time, spinal bones and discs break down and degenerate. This leads to additional wear and tear on your joints.

When we have wear and tear on a car, we take it in for a tune-up, but for some reason, we don’t think to do the same thing for our spines. As our spinal vertebrae move out of alignment with one another, they begin to cause problems in our nerves and muscles. 

Sciatica is a classic example of a condition that is caused by misalignment in the spine. With sciatica, a misaligned vertebral disc puts pressure on the spinal nerve roots which send telltale shooting pain down the leg. This close connection between our spines and the rest of our bodies is exactly why routine chiropractic adjustments are so important and impactful. Here are just some of the benefits of routine chiropractic adjustments.

Improves Range of Motion and Flexibility

It’s common for joints to develop a limited range of motion tied to the aches and pains felt in the area. Joins can become restricted due to wear and tear, bad posture, sitting for long hours (as many of us do for work), acute injuries, and chronic health conditions. Decreased range of motion isn’t just annoying, it also increases the risk of future injuries and negatively affects your nervous system.

Routine chiropractic treatments keep muscles and joints loose and flexible. Lack of flexibility isn’t just restrictive to your movement on a day-to-day basis, it can actually impair blood flow to the cartilage at the ends of your bones, causing the cartilage to break down prematurely. When your muscles are tight and tense, your range of motion decreases, and your risk of muscle strains and other muscle and joint issues skyrockets. All of this can often be prevented by routine chiropractic adjustments.

Helps Avoid Posture-Related Pain

Many of us spend 8 hours or more in restricted environments from sitting at a desk to driving a truck. The way you sit and work during the day can cause a myriad of back, neck, and spine problems if you’re not sitting correctly. 

Even those of us with the best posture develop neck and back aches and pains over time. Routine chiropractic adjustments can alleviate the stress on your neck, back, and spine, which causes neck and shoulder pain, headaches, muscle strain and spasms, and back pain. These adjustments can also help you avoid this pain in the future.

Helps Avoid Sports Injuries

Whether you’re an athlete or just enjoy exercising, you’re more likely to injure yourself if your body isn't properly aligned and balanced. Routine chiropractic adjustments help you maintain proper spinal alignment which reduces the right of sprains, strains, and other sports-related injuries. If you do wind up with an injury, routine chiropractic adjustments can speed up your recovery.

Keeps Problem Areas Under Control

Everybody has different problem areas that tend to create problems on a regular basis. This could be an old injury, degenerated discs, a tendency to move a certain way, chronic headaches, or even arthritis. Routine chiropractic adjustments keep these problem areas under control so they don’t cause you pain. It’s much easier to come in for routine adjustments than wait until you have a big flair-up that will take several weeks to get under control.

Instead of waiting until you’re in pain and unable to do the things you love, schedule your first routine chiropractic adjustment. It’s a small thing you can do for yourself that will keep you feeling good and free from the pain that comes from your problem areas because issues can be addressed before they get worse.

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