Is It Safe to See A Chiropractor While Pregnant? (Answered)

Is It Safe to See A Chiropractor While Pregnant? (Answered)

Chiropractic Care for Pregnancy in Towson MD

If you’re pregnant, especially if you’re heavily pregnant, you may be wondering: Is it safe to see a chiropractor while pregnant?” The good news is that not only is it safe to see a chiropractor while pregnant, it is also beneficial and can help relieve lower hip and back pain that approximately 50-70% of pregnant women experience at some point during their pregnancy.

You’re not alone if you’re experiencing back pain and you don’t have to just accept it as par for the course. Visiting a Parkville chiropractor while pregnant can release tension, relieve pain, and provide a multitude of other benefits that might surprise you. Dr. Warren performs gentle adjustments on heavily pregnant patients who experience back pain and tension.

Is It Safe To Go To The Chiropractor While Pregnant?

During pregnancy, a woman’s center of gravity shifts to the front of her pelvis, resulting in added stress and discomfort in the lower back and the various joints of the pelvis. At the peak of pregnancy, the curve in the lower back (lordotic curve) can increase to the point of causing a serious impact on the vertebral joints, the sacrum, and the hip joints. Visiting a chiropractor while pregnant can help you cope with these changes throughout your pregnancy.

The nerves that travel to all other parts of the body have their origin in the spine. When the spine is compressed, these nerves can become irritated causing the pain to radiate to other areas of the body. Sciatica is a condition commonly stimulated by pregnancy, involving pain that radiates from the lower back all the way down the legs.

Benefits of Seeing A Chiropractor While Pregnant

Visiting a chiropractor while pregnant is safe and beneficial for more than just getting rid of tension and pain. Pelvic balance is something you’ve probably never considered until now and you’re likely noticing it because as your belly grows, it can throw off your pelvic balance and change your posture. 

Maintaining pelvic balance is important and it’s going to help you feel better throughout your pregnancy. It’s also important to maintain pelvic balance, which is oftentimes thrown off as your belly grows and your posture changes. When your pelvis is misaligned it can reduce the amount of room available for the developing baby (known as intrauterine constraint) and that can reduce your likelihood of being able to have a natural, non-invasive birth.

The Webster Technique is very beneficial to pregnant women. This technique is a specific sacral adjustment to help facilitate the mother’s pelvic alignment and nerve system function. This balances pelvic muscles and ligaments all while reducing torsion to the uterus. The Webster Technique was originally used to turn babies that were in the breech position but research has found that it is beneficial throughout pregnancy to prevent dystocia. This is a common technique that chiropractors use on pregnant women of all stages of pregnancy.

Seeing a chiropractor while pregnant to get regular chiropractic adjustments can also help control nausea, prevent a potential C-section and has even been linked to reducing the amount of time women spend in labor. These treatments may even reduce the need for pain medications throughout the delivery! Follow up treatments can assist in realigning the body after pregnancy in a safe way and speed up the transition to a healthy post-pregnancy body.

Pregnancy can cause the spine to become misaligned to the point that it does not simply go back into place once the pregnancy is complete. This can make the tasks that become necessary once the child is born, such as carrying a baby on your front or back, breast-feeding, and bending over to lift and pick things up, painfully difficult. Again, this isn’t pain that you have to just deal with. You can find relief for pregnancy and post-natal pain by visiting a chiropractor and getting an adjustment.

How Seeing A Chiropractor While Pregnant Works

Chiropractors can provide safe and effective personalized care throughout your entire pregnancy and in the postpartum period. A thorough examination will determine the best treatment to address your discomfort and prepare the body for the height of pregnancy and childbirth. There are plenty of specialized adjustment methods to accommodate pregnancy so don’t think that you can’t get relief from a chiropractic adjustment just because you’re pregnant!

Chiropractic treatment is always carefully tailored to the patient and when working with pregnant women, we have plenty of techniques that accommodate growing bellies and allow for an adjustment without having to lay face down on a table. We can also show you safe & effective stretches for relieving tension and pain.

So in short, the answer to “Is it safe to see a chiropractor while pregnant?” is a resounding yes. It is safe and it can provide you with more benefits than you probably thought so click here to schedule your appointment!


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