Looking For Chiropractic Treatments For A Car Accident?

Looking For Chiropractic Treatments
For A Car Accident?

Chiropractic Towson MD Treatment for a car accident

Car accidents are always a pain to have to endure but sometimes they can cause injuries that can linger and transform into chronic conditions that last for years. When you’re involved in a car accident, you probably think to call your insurance company but most people don’t think to call a chiropractor.

Taking care of your body after a car accident is incredibly important. If you’re like Elizabeth in the article below, you may have had bruising and soreness a few days after your car accident but the persistent neck, shoulder, and back pain didn’t show up right away.

Chiropractic Treatment For Car Accident

Elizabeth is a high school student who was recently involved in a car accident where she was at a complete stop in traffic when she was rear-ended by someone going 60 MPH. Her seatbelt didn’t lock and her body slammed into the steering wheel leaving her with a huge bruise on her forehead. Her CT scan came back normal but she wasn’t able to get an MRI at the hospital right away.

Elizabeth’s neck, shoulder, and lower back pain appeared after her initial soreness died down and this pain makes it difficult to do anything. She’s unable to get out of bed on some days and she’s had to postpone her SAT test because she can’t sit for a prolonged period of time. We’ve been adjusting her and doing dry needling but her shoulder is still presenting some issues that lead us to suspect that she may have a rotator cuff tear.

We conducted a full shoulder exam to determine where the pain is coming from so he knows exactly how to treat it. This includes testing her arm strength on each side to identify any weaknesses in her muscles. He decides to write her an MRI order to get an MRI on her shoulder so he can get more information about what’s going on with her rotator cuff before going forward with the treatment plan. We were able to adjust Elizabeth to provide some immediate pain relief but we’ll be able to do more once we get the MRI results.

Elizabeth is lucky to have an attorney in her family to help her with her accident. Many people don’t think they need an attorney for a car accident and they wind up having to fight with the insurance company to get the compensation they deserve. Car insurance companies don’t want to have to spend more than they need to on a claim and it’s not uncommon for patients to tell us that the insurance company is trying to get away with not covering all of the repairs and medical treatment they need.

When patients come into our office after a car accident, we refer them to a few attorneys in the Towson area that we trust. The two most important things you can do for yourself after a car accident are seeking medical treatment and seeking the advice of a trusted attorney.

When you’ve been in a car accident, especially one that doesn’t total your car, you may assume that you’ll just have some soreness and whiplash but nothing serious in terms of injuries if they don’t appear right away. The pernicious thing about car accidents is that even accidents that occur at low speeds can result in injuries that don’t become apparent right away. You may not have immediate symptoms other than bruising and soreness but that doesn’t mean that you’re in the clear.

According to prominent whiplash expert Dr. Ruth Jackson (and countless studies proving her right time and time again), “Motor vehicle collision injuries to the cervical spine often go unrecognized or ignored for many months.”

Of course, it’s important to make sure any injuries are identified and treated but it’s also important to see a chiropractor as soon as possible after a car accident to make sure your insurance claim gets paid. Some insurance companies will try to deny payment of claims made months after the car accident has happened so be sure to get an evaluation and begin treatment right away. If the car accident wasn’t your fault, it’s very possible that the person at fault’s car insurance will cover your treatment but that doesn’t mean they won’t fight you and try to cover as little as possible. This is when having an attorney is especially helpful because they can make sure your treatment gets covered in full.

When you come into our office, you’ll be examined by a chiropractor the way we examine Elizabeth to see where the pain is coming from and what muscle weaknesses need to be dealt with. After that examination, we may send you for imaging so we can see exactly what’s happening inside the injured area or we may start your treatment plan immediately. Chiropractic treatment is customized to the patient’s needs which means we’re able to directly treat the specific injuries you have and we can get you out of pain and feeling better as quickly as possible.

If you’ve been in a car accident, come visit us to get checked out as soon as possible. There may be injuries that you don’t realize you have just yet and when they rear their ugly heads in the coming months, the pain will be worse than if you treated them immediately. We’ll connect you to our trusted Towson attorneys so you can make sure your treatment and car repairs get covered without having to fight with the insurance company.

Have you been in a car accident recently? We’d be happy to examine and treat you in our Towson office so you can feel better and prevent future problems. We can even help you out with the paperwork involved! Make your chiropractor appointment now by clicking here or call us at (410) 296-7700!




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