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Meet Dr. Dalton Tolliver |
Kalkstein Chiropractic, Towson MD

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We are so excited to welcome Dr. Dalton Tolliver to the Kalkstein Chiropractic team and introduce her to you! Dr. Dalton is a fantastic chiropractor that does all of the same techniques that we do and is certified in dry needling. She's going to get her an advanced functional strength training program certification very soon and she has some active release training as well. Like all of our doctors, Dr. Dalton uses our techniques with her own unique style. We like to say that when you come into our office for an adjustment, you're going to get ice cream, it's just a matter of which flavor.

Meet Dr. Dalton Tolliver

Dr. Dalton Tolliver was born and raised in Rochester, Michigan. She was an all-state athlete at her high school and attributed her ability to continue to play to her local chiropractor. She attended Appalachian State University where she studied psychology with a focus in health studies while playing volleyball for the university. Her love of athletics and seeing first-hand how powerful chiropractic can impact overall health and wellbeing is what drove her decision to become a chiropractor.

Dr. Dalton attended Logan University in St. Louis, MO and graduated Cum Laude with her Doctor of Chiropractic degree. She completed multiple clinical rotations during her education that included working with the athletes, those with disabilities, and the medically under-served population. Also, while attending Logan, she went above and beyond the basic requirements by participating in multiple advanced adjusting, soft-tissue, and rehabilitation seminars. Dalton continues to attend numerous continuing education seminars to stay current with the latest information and treatment strategies from all disciplines. She has dedicated herself to not only treating her patients' symptoms but to finding the root cause of the conditions in order to correct and improve her patients' overall function

She believes that since every person is different that they deserve to receive individualized care in order to help them reach their highest level of functionality. For this reason, Dr. Dalton Tolliver has taken the extra steps to become well versed in many different adjusting techniques and continues to stay up to date on the best treatments for her patients. Her goal is to facilitate healing and restore efficient movement and comfort as quickly as possible.

When Dr. Dalton isn't in the practice she enjoys spending time outdoors with her dog, Beau, and exploring the city. She also enjoys traveling, playing volleyball, and hydroplane racing.

Dr. Dalton particularly likes that we don't just do adjustments in our clinic. Instead, we take a multifaceted approach with our patients that may include adjustments, exercises, dry needling, and class 4 laser therapy. Dr. Dalton has loved seeing how quickly people with chronic issues get better with the use of these other therapies in conjunction with adjustments.

We are thrilled to have Dr. Dalton Tolliver on the Kalkstein Chiropractic team and we invite you to click here to make an appointment with her or call us at (410) 296-7700 to set up your first appointment with her!




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