Talk To A Chiropractor For Sinus Issues (Get Help Today)

Talk To A Chiropractor For Sinus Issues
(Get Help Today)

Chiropractic Towson MD Sinus Pressure

Did you know that a chiropractor can help you with sinus issues? Common sinus issues can range from frequent sinus infections to painful sinus headaches and they leave you feeling pressure around your eyes, cheeks, and forehead. Sinus issues like sinus headaches and congestion can be enough to disrupt your ability to live your life as normal, especially during allergy season. The good news is that seeing a chiropractor for sinus issues can give you instant relief from pain and pressure.

Your sinuses are made up of eight hollow spaces in the bones of the forehead, cheeks, and temples. When you’re healthy your sinuses are open and lined with a layer of mucus that filters out dust, dirt, and other pollutants you inhale while adding moisture. When you’re healthy, you probably aren’t even aware of your sinuses but when a sinus issue flares up you’ll definitely notice the pain and pressure that comes along with it.

When you have allergies, sinusitis, a sinus infection, or even just your run-of-the-mill cold or viral infection, the linings of your sinuses become inflamed. The inflamed tissue swells up, fills with mucus, and cannot drain as normal. This results in increased pressure in your sinuses which causes pain and swelling around the eyes, congestion, chills, fever, and dizziness. We know all too well how frustrating and painful this can be and you should consider visiting your chiropractor the next time you have this kind of sinus pain.

Why You Should See A Chiropractor For Sinus Issues

In our Towson chiropractic office, we use a sinus release technique that we learned from a massage therapist who specializes in lymphatic and sinus drainage and our patients have had amazing results. If you feel congested, like there is fluid and pressure building up in your head or you feel pressure and tenderness behind your eyebrows or below your eyes, this technique can help.

We start with a gentle massage over the frontal sinuses in the forehead. We apply a medium level of pressure just to help loosen things up. Then, we move to maxillary sinuses which are located below the eyes. For people experiencing sinus issues, this area can be tender so we make sure to communicate with the patient and vary pressure so it’s not uncomfortable or painful. This technique massages the fluid out of the sinuses to help them drain, relieve pressure, and reduce inflammation.

It may sound a bit odd but one of the best ways to get sinuses to open up is a little bit of percussion or vibration to help break up mucus.

Like just about everything we deal with as chiropractors, sinus issues often go back to the spine. The sinuses drain into the eustachian tubes which drain into the inner ear and down into the throat. This is why when you have sinus issues, you may feel a lot of drainage in your throat. One of the things that allow the eustachian tubes to stay open and allow proper drainage is a series of muscles that are innervated with C2 (the second vertebra of the spine). For this reason, when a patient comes into our office with sinus issues we always check to make sure that their C2 is not restricted. If it is restricted, we can simply adjust the patient to provide better motion and prevent those muscles that connect to the eustachian tubes from being restricted and inflamed. This adjustment in conjunction with the sinus release technique we use get to the root of your sinus issues and treat that instead of just covering it up with pain killers.

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