Best Chiropractic Adjustments For Tension Headaches & Migraines

Best Chiropractic Adjustments For
Tension Headaches & Migraines

Chiropractic Towson MD Tension Headaches

Tension headaches and migraines can last for a very long time and the pain they create can leave you unable to do normal things, like sleeping in a bed. In the article below, Dr. Jeff adjust Anthony who came into our chiropractic office with severe headaches and upper back pain. Anthony hadn't slept in a bed for 5 years due to the pain and he has to rely on sleeping in a recliner.

Anthony's headaches and upper back pain have been constant for the past 15 years. He tried just about everything from physical therapy to exercise to visiting a neurologist to seeing other chiropractors before he found us. He got temporary relief from other chiropractors but nothing that lasted. The approach we used when treating Anthony was different from what many other chiropractors do and as a result, he's had ongoing relief and can finally sleep in a bed again.

What Are Tension Headaches & Migraines?

Tension headaches are the most common form of headache and about 75% of people will experience one at some point. They can range from mild and annoying to severe and debilitating. Tension headaches are also referred to as ordinary headaches, muscle tension headaches, and stress headaches.

Tension headaches are accompanied by a feeling that your head is being squeezed and the pain is often felt on both sides of the head. For many tension headache sufferers, their shoulders and neck feel tender, painful, and tight. These headaches occur when the muscles in the neck and scalp contract. Tension headaches are often triggered by poor posture, certain repetitive motions, and other physical activities. We often see headaches in office workers who do not have proper posture when they're working resulting in the muscles in the neck and scalp tensing up and causing pain.

A migraine headache is characterized by moderate to severe pain that is throbbing or pulsing. The pain is often on just one side of the head and migraines often have warning signs that arise before the actual headache begins including seeing an aura and increased sensitivity to light and sound. Triggers include barometric pressure changes, hormonal changes, certain foods and drinks, stress, and exercise.

When a migraine occurs, the blood vessels in your head expand and the tissue around your brain swells. This swelling is very painful and for many migraine sufferers, it can lead to vomiting, visual disturbances, and increased sensitivity to light. Migraines are so much more than just a headache and for many people, painkillers don't have much of an effect on them. 

If you're one of the 39 million people in America who experience migraines, you should know that the combination of dry needling, soft tissue work, and an adjustment can provide relief and stop your migraine in its tracks. In this post, we showcased a patient who suffers from chronic, intense migraines that last 2-3 days leaving her incapacitated and through using a chiropractic treatment for migraines that includes dry needling, soft tissue work, and a chiropractic adjustment, she is able to experience some relief immediately with the full migraine resolving the following day.

Chiropractic Adjustments For Tension Headaches

The unique thing about chiropractic treatment for tension headaches and migraines is that we can provide patients with relief through a unique combination of treatments tailored to their needs. When Anthony came to see us, we used a combination of dry needling, adjustments, ultrasound, and physical therapy. This combination of treatments gave Anthony long-lasting relief and now he only comes in about once a month for a quick adjustment. After a few months of treatment, Anthony was finally able to sleep comfortably in his bed again.

When we adjust Anthony, we feel for tension at the base of the skull and in the first few vertebrae. Dr. Jeff can feel some tension and Anthony reports that he was starting to get symptoms again. Dr. Jeff performs an occipital lift which we love doing in our office because it provides such immediate relief and improved range of motion. To perform an occipital lift, we have the patient turn their head to the side that's easiest to turn to. Then, the doctor cradles the head and lifts to adjust the thoracic spine.

By using a combination of chiropractic adjustments for tension headaches in tandem with other treatments like dry needling, ultrasound, and physical therapy, we're able to provide quick relief, even to pain that has been plaguing you for years.

Do you have tension headaches or migraines? Schedule your appointment with one of our chiropractors by clicking here or calling (410) 296-7700. We can't wait to help you feel better faster!




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